Saken Report

The Saken Report is our mostly weekly broadcast on the Saken Music Facebook page Mondays at 7:30. We try to provide as much information as we can about live music happening in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, and Argenteuil.

A weekly feature in support of this activity is an online chat with performers and venue operators involved in the live music scene to provide free exposure to happenings in their world.

You are invited to tune in on the Facebook page and join in.

Recordings of past broadcasts will appear here shortly.

Episode 1 – Karen Morand

Episode 2 – Lynne Hanson

Episode 3 – Brian Gallagher

Episode 4 – Tim Walsh

Episode 5 – Briana Doyle

Episode 6 – Rob Lutes

Episode 7 – Sylvie Bouchard Arbor Gallery

Episode 8 – Co-Conspirators

Episode 9 –¬†¬†Better Half

Episode 10 – Lynne Hanson

Episode 11 – TBD

Episode 12 – Simon Kempston Coming May 17